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All White

All White

A recently completed job with White Oak fitted throughout a new house, including the stairs, for a beautiful result!    
First Impressions

First Impressions

One of the first areas to show signs of wear in a home is the hallway as people coming in from outside inevitably bring with them unwanted dirt and...
Clean and Serene

Clean and Serene

    Sound carried between the floors of a building can be a real nuisance, especially for people living in flats and apartments. Recent flooring tr...
Modern LVT Stair Cladding

Contemporary Stair Cladding

Kitty's main concern when she was deciding what type of flooring she was going to choose for her new house was that it had to be waterproof because...
Contemporary Royal Oak LVT

The Royal Wee

with Royal Oak Serenity-click LVT flooring fitted throughout, 'one' can spend a penny in style!
Modern Pet Friendly Flooring

Modern Pet friendly flooring

Fidelity Flooring's pet-friendly LVT Oak planking which forms an ease-to-clean, waterproof and hygienic floor covering...


On the shop floor!

On the shop floor!

Fidelity-click LVTs may be Luxurious, but they are also extremely functional
Warm Oak, Fidelity-click Bathroom Flooring

Waterproof Oak flooring

After considering all the potential flooring options, Pat and Gwyn decided that Warm Oak, fidelity-click ® LVT was the perfect choice for their new bathroom...
Community Projects

Community Projects

While working on a local community renovation project, Cardiff-based contract flooring specialists, Floor Furnishings Ltd, were tasked with finding...
Natural Oak, Fidelity-click LVT stair cladding

LVT Stairs

The old carpet on Richard and Marie's staircase and landing had seen better days, so they decided to get rid of it and sand the old floorboards bac...
Light Oak, Fidelity-click Pet Friendly LVT

Pet Friendly Flooring

Christine had planned to have wood flooring fitted throughout the downstairs area of her new home in Llantwit Major, until she heard about Luxury v...
Waterproof Pet Friendly LVT Flooring

Waterproof LVTs!

Val from Canton had a problem her bathroom floor! Water had been soaking into the  existing flooring causing severe damage to the underlay. Fidelit...