Our newest product, Serenity-click, combines all of the advantages of regular LVTs, with the very latest advances in Luxury Vinyl Tile technology;

  • Integrated underlay/sound absorbing EVA foam backing layer
  • Rigid WPC core for greater dimensional stability
  • Drop click locking system for the easiest installation yet


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Like our Fidelity-click LVTs, the waterproof construction of our new Serenity-click WPC LVTs, provides ultimate versatility, allowing installation in areas where traditional flooring types; hardwood, carpet and laminate, for example, cannot be fitted.

In addition to this, a rigid WPC core design means Serenity-click LVTs are far more tolerant to imperfections and unevenness in subfloors, and, in many cases,  can be laid directly, without the need for expensive subfloor preparation (see table below for a cost comparison of different flooring types).

Rigid Core LVT comparison to other flooring

The rigid core design also means Serenity-click WPC LVTs have fewer issues with expansion and contraction unlike other flooring types, meaning that they require a far smaller, far more aesthetically pleasing, expansion gap.

With the integration of a sound absorbing EVA foam backing, not only is noise transfer drastically reduced, making Serenity-click one of the quietest flooring products around, but, in many cases, it can further reduce installation costs by avoiding the need for a separate underlay material.

Serenity-click WPC LVTs provide unprecedented levels of durability, versatility, ease of installation and value for money, making them very much the future of flooring!  



  • 180 mm wide
  • 1220 mm long
  • 7.5 mm thick
  • 0.55 mm wear layer
  • 1.4 kg/plank


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